Kaupo Beach Park: 2357709.8N  638415.8E

Marine water quality is ranked fair at this site and was rated #4 of 7 sites surveyed. This study recorded a geomean of 15 ENT/100mL, which is below the EPA standard.

Kaupo Beach Park is a long narrow stretch of beach located at the eastern extremity of Ko'olaupoko District. It is backed by Kalanianiole Highway. It is well utilized by fishermen, swimmers, and surfers, and has no dangerous currents, coral heads, or other water hazards. The marine waters are designated as a Class AA Zone.
A steady stream of runoff flows into these waters at the east end of the beach park. This water comes from the aquaculture farms of the Oceanic Institute, and flood rains from the mountains. For this reason these waters should be monitored routinely.

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