Kailua Beach Park: 2366794.9N  631890.4E

Marine water quality is ranked fair at this site and rated #3 of the 7 sites surveyed by this report. The geometric mean of the enterococci count is 15 per 100 mL, slightly exceeding the State criteria (7 per 100 mL) but below the EPA criteria (35 per 100L).

Kailua Beach Park is long, sandy, and beautiful. The offshore waters are a Class A Zone, and contain no hazards to swimmers, surfers, or boaters. A brackish water pool exists immediately behind the beach. This pool, which is enclosed most of the time by a sand berm created by ocean currents, is filled by flood and drain waters from the Kaelepulu Stream/Canal. This canal is an exit to the sea of waters both from Kaelepulu Pond, Kawainui Wetlands, and several contributing streams, as well as runoff from many storm drains. Marine offshore water in this area becomes contaminated when this pond overflows following a heavy rain, or when the beach is periodically bulldozed to allow pond drainage. The quality of the marine water is generally excellent except during periods of heavy rain when the pool overflows.

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