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Leticia U. Colmenares     


University of Hawaii, Chemistry, Ph.D.,1991

University of the Philippines, Chemistry, M.S.,1982  

Mindanao State University, Chemistry, B.S.,1975 (magna cum laude)


            Instructor in Chemistry, University of Hawaii-Windward (8/1/99-present)

            Faculty Coordinator, WCC Marine Option Program (7/01-6/03)

            Research Associate, University of Hawaii-Manoa (Summer, 2002, 2001 and 2000)


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Grants & Awards

Principal Investigator, Skin Pigmentation in Asians and Pacific Islanders, HS-BRIN/NIH, (5/02-12/04)
Principal Investigator, WCC Water Quality Assessment Project, Sea Grant/NOAA, (10/1/02-9/30/04).
Co-Investigator, SEP Supplementary Environmental Project Microscale Chemistry Lab Project, (9/1/02-12/03)
Principal Investigator, Chem 100 Laboratory Manual for Distance Education, Educational Improvement Fund, (12/1/00-8/01).
Principal Investigator, Water Quality Monitoring of He'eia Stream, Friends of He'eia State Park, (Jan-May, 2000).
Principal Investigator, Phytomonitoring of Air Pollutants in Iligan City, Philippine Council for Health Research & Development Research Grant, (1997-1998).


Treasurer, Hawaii Section- American Chemical Society, 2001 & 2002
Coordinator, National Chemistry Week, 2002
President, Filipino Association of University Women (FAUW), 2003
Recipient, UH Board of Regents Excellence in Teaching Award, 2003
WCC Wo Learning Champion, 2004

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