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Karuizawa Dreamscape at Gallery Iolani:
Tom Haar photos "re-discover" childhood memories of Japan


Tom Haar photoGallery Iolani Opening Reception: Friday, January 20, 4-7:00 p.m.
Exhibition dates: January 20 – February 14, 2012

Gallery hours: Mon.– Fri. & Sunday, 1–5 p.m.,
Located adjacent to Paliku Theatre. Reception and exhibit are free and open to public.
Phone: 236-9155 

Renowned photographer Tom Haar will kick-off the Photo Trilogy series at a reception on Friday, January 20 from 4-7:00 p.m. with Karuizawa Dreamscape, his impressionistic view of Karuizawa, Japan: dreamlike images uniting early recollections and recent imagery. 

Karuizawa Dreamscape is based on Haar's photography and research project during the summer of 2008 when he spent three months in Karuizawa on a Fulbright Grant. The impetus for his project stems from the experience of the Haar family, who were ordered to evacuate to Karuizawa for a three-year period during World War II from 1943-1946. Haar, who was very young at the time, has only slight recollections of these difficult years for his family. This project became a way for Haar to "re-discover" Karuizawa through photography, a craft that he learned from his father, Francis Haar, one of Hawaii’s most distinguished photographers.

This exhibition is funded in part by the generous support of the Ishibashi Foundation of Japan.
For more information, contact Gallery Iolani Director Toni Martin at 236-9150.

The following is an excerpt from the artist.

"The name KARUIZAWA is one familiar with most Japanese
                  as a summer resort.  During World War II this town in the
                  highlands of Nagano Prefecture northwest of Tokyo
                  became an enclave for the majority of the foreign residents
                  of Japan.  Those who were ordered to evacuate to this town,
                  including our family, endured  years of hardship, especially
                  with the numbing cold winters and meager rations. 
                  As I was still a toddler, there is very little I am able to recollect
                  from the three  years (1943-1946) which our family spent in
                  Karuizawa, aside from a few events from our final year there.

                  “Winter in  Karuizawa was long and cold, which made it difficult
                to grow vegetables throughout the year.  Fortunately, there was
                a small stream nearby where watercress grew - a valuable food,
                which I used in many ways.  I also became a diligent follower of
                horses, gathering their manure to enrich the vegetable garden.”
                       - from my mother’s memoirs, included in the book
                                  “Francis Haar: A Lifetime of Images”

       During the summer of 2008, I spent three months “re-discovering”
                this town, researching its history and documenting images of this
                heavily wooded environment.

                 This exhibition is dedicated to the resilient people of Japan."
                 - Tom Haar









page last updated: January 17, 2012

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