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2011 Star Poets Winning Poems

3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade
8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade

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Winning Humanities Poems


3rd Grade

“Sounds of Learning” by Angeline Agag, St. Theresa School (Noreen Ueda)

“Jolly’licious by Laura Recklies, Mokapu Elementary (Stephanie Tsuzaki)

“Stubborn” by Kaiwi Greaney, Enchanted Lake Elementary (Geri Awaya)

“What If” by Abigail Wright, Enchanted Lake Elementary (Geri Awaya)

“If I Were . . .” by Allison Leclerc, Holy Family Catholic Academy (Deborah Gibo)


HONORABLE MENTION “Baseball Practice” by Caleb Robinson, Enchanted Lake Elementary (Geri Awaya)



4th Grade


“Popcorn” by Elizabeth Tan, Kaneohe Elementary (Kristine Furuta)

“Kabloosh!” by Cole Mijo, Kaneohe Elementary (Kristine Furuta)

“Nighttime at the Driving Range” by Michael Voss, Salt Lake Elementary (Katrina Loo) (body of work)

“Riding a Storm Cloud” by Tristen Jarmon, Mokapu Elementary (Stephanie Tsuzaki)

“Video Games” by Sean Koyamatsu, Kaneohe Elementary (Kristine Furuta)

HONORABLE MENTION “Halawa: A Special and Sacred Place” by Alia-Marie Gomes Madela, Kualapu‘u School, (Diane Abraham.)

"Homesick" by Theodora You, Enchanted Lake Elementary


5th Grade


“Wipeout!!!” by Aaron Wehrman, Iolani School (Cindy Scheinert)

“The Baby Ali‘i” by Kahawai Tancayo,  Kualapu‘u School (Briann Starkey)

“My Peaceful Place” by Morgan Lorenzo, Waolani Judd Nazarene ( Debbie Shintaku)

“The Forest” by Alexandra Casamajor, Carden Academy of Maui (Jane Mori)

“The Fire Beneath Me” by Keilani Kim, Kuhio Elementary School (Michael Takemoto)

HONORABLE MENTION “Hawaiian Humane Society” by Eason Nishioka,  Iolani School (Cindy Scheinert)
“Waterstarting” by Camille Erdman, Carden Academy of Maui  (Jane Mori)


6th Grade


“The Alarm Clock,” 6th grade by Amy Kawatani, Kaneohe Elementary (Kristine Furuta)

“My Dark Side” 6th grade by Tadum Lee-Reyes, Kaneohe Elementary (Kristine Furuta)

“The Fall” by Kai Mitchell, Seabury Hall (Gayle Martelles) “At Oma’s” by Cameron Hanish, Seabury Hall (Gayle Martelles)

“Dancing Our Love for Hawaii” by Albert Jiang, Punahou School (Jona Umeda)


HONORABLE MENTION “Friends First” by Ian Roth, Seabury Hall (Gayle Martelles)

“Beach Crab” by Leah Boisvert, Iolani School (Dorsey Gibson)
“The Fox” by Kaitlyn Yamada, Seabury Hall (Gayle Martelles)



7th Grade


“My Hawaii” by Cecily Choy, ‘Iolani School (Jessie Marshall)
“Bridge” by Jamie Kato, ‘Iolani School (Jessie Marshall)
“The Wind” by Marisa Tanioka, Na‘au (Lois-Ann Yamanaka)
“The Cat” by Sarah Duval, ‘Iolani School (Cate Waidyatilleka)
“New Year” by Dante Hirata-Epstein, 'Iolani School (Yuki Basso)



8th Grade


“Coffee Picking” by  Perry Onaka, Punahou School (Joe Tsujimoto)

“A New Memory” by Mykah Fujiwara, (Joe Tsujimoto)

“Matamata Turtle” by Marasia –Anne Olang, (Joe Tsujimoto)

“Arisagawa Koen: Tokyo, Through My Eyes” by Kaz Tomozawa, ‘Iolani School (Yuki Basso)

“A Flower for My Grandmother” by Kori Chun, ‘Iolani School (Yuki Basso)



9th Grade


“Slippers” by Farin Fukunaga, Moanalua High School, (Raynice Messier)

“Good-bye Grammy” Austyn Lee, ‘Iolani School (Debbie Otsu)

“Poison Ivy” Haley Harada, ‘Iolani School (Alison Stewart Ito)

“The Pickle” by Jarren Takaki, ‘Iolani School (Alison Stewart Ito)

“Peacock” by Erin Voss” LeJardin Academy (Kristin Trout)


10th Grade


“Home Sweet Homes” by Emerald Tsui, Iolani School (Nathan Zee)

“Darn That Ode” by Jennifer Takahashi, St. Andrew’s Priory (Stephanie Hudson)

“Human Nature” by Molly Browning, ‘Iolani School (Frank Briguglio)

“Father’s Footsteps” by Creighton Nakamura (Frank Briguglio)

“Sun’s Shoes” by Courtney Wilson, Mililani High School (Stephanie Grande-Misaki)


HONORABLE MENTION “My Dad” by Micah Goshi, Iolani School (Karin Swanson)

“Dead Words” by Summer Mundon, St. Andrew’s Priory (Stephanie Hudson)

“A Day at Kapiolani Park” by Edwin Li, Iolani School (Meghann Schroers)


11th Grade


“Fiery Jubilee” by Sheena Choy, Mid-Pacific Institute ( can’t read teacher’s name)

“67 Heartbeats” by Patrick Nevada, University Laboratory School (Alison Hartle)

“Driving Blind” by Emily Lanter, Kahuku High and Intermediate (Pamela Palmer)

“Illustrating Imagination” by Kassandra Sanchez (Alison Hartle)

“Miles from Saturday” by Maile Beal (Alison Stewart-Ito)


HONORABLE MENTION  “Cops and Robbers” by Josie Tueller, Kahuku High and Intermediate (Pamela Palmer)


12th Grade


“Six Weeks of Work” by Marissa Compton, Kahuku High and Intermediate (Pamela Palmer)

“Lotus Root” by Serena Li, Iolani School (Frank Briguglio)

“Dreams from Dust Swept to the Future” by Kira Wong (body of work)  (Alison Stewart-Ito)

“Elegy” by Tyler Cundiff, Iolani School (Frank Briguglio)

“Letter to a Poet from a Young Girl” by Victoria Kim (Frank Briguglio)


HONORABLE MENTION “The More You Know” by Jessica Tew, Kahuku High and Intermediate (Pamela Palmer)

“Tree Hugger” by Suzanne Kinghorn, Kahuku High and Intermediate (Pamela Palmer)

“My Mom Washed My Clothes” by Tevita Livai, Kahuku High and Intermediate (Pamela Palmer)

“Make Up” by Christina Hubner, Kahuku High and Intermediate, Pamela Palmer)

“The Box” by Teresa Ou, Iolani School, (Frank Briguglio)



Inner Peace (12-13) by Caitlin Miyashiro, 12th Grade, Iolani School (Frank Briguglio)

Good Luck Lion (3-5)  by Preston Miller, 3rd Grade, St. Theresa School (Noreen Ueda)

Flight of the Paper Cranes by Isabelle Oka, 10th Grade, Iolani School (Frank Briguglio)

My Popo's Mango Pudding by Nicole Cheung, 10th Grade, Iolani School (Frank Briguglio)