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Planning and Budget Council Page 2013-14

for use by the Planning and Budget Council (PBC) in decision-making
regarding the College's resource allocations

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Planning and Budget Council  

PBC Training Information
1) Department Chair PBC Training Notes (8/15/13)
2) "Third Party Reviewer" Agenda and Meeting Notes (9/20/13)
3) Revised Document and "Third Party Reviewer" List (9/23/13)

4) PBC Training Workshop Materials (9/20/13)
5) PBC Training Session Notes (9/20/13)

PBC Agendas, Meeting Notes and Scheduled Meetings
1) October 25, 2013 agenda and notes
2) November 8, 2013 agenda and notes
3) November 22, 2013 agenda and notes
4) January 24, 2014 (cancelled)
5) February 14, 2014 agenda and notes
6) February 28, 2014 agenda and notes
7) March 14, 2014 agenda and notes
8) April 11, 2014 agenda and notes
9) April 25, 2014
agenda and notes
10) May 2, 2014 agenda and notes

Chancellor Memos
Chancellor Annual Report 2012-2013

Accreditation Documents
ACCJC Action Letter

ACCJC Follow-up Team Report

Assessment Documents
Assessment Survey 2013

Assessment Survey Report 2013

Strategic Plan Documents
Strategic Plan Action Outcomes 2008
WCC Strategic Plan Actuals 2013
Suggested Strategic Plan Modifications
WCC Strategic Plan Actuals 2014
UHCC System Strategic Plan Actuals 2014
VP Spring Visit

Campus Wide Dialogues

Critical and Creative Thinking
Information Literacy

Non-Instructional Programs

PBC Charter Documents
PBC Revised Charter

PBC Voting Members
PBC Form Survey (closed)

PBC Rating Rubric
PBC Rating Survey Results

The Planning and Budget Council provides advice and counsel to the Chancellor regarding economic, political, industry, and programmatic forces that are currently or will have impact on the College’s plan of action that is designed to accomplish specific goals.  Initiatives to achieve these goals are justified by assessment, analysis, and evidence of community needs.  A major outcome of the PBC’s work is the regular review and updating of the Strategic Plan and the prioritization of the College Budget.

The PBC formulates recommendations and submits them to the Chancellor for approval and implementation.  All recommendations stemming from the PBC are treated as advisory.  The Chancellor reserves the right to accept, in whole or in part, or refuse the Council’s recommendations.

The PBC reviews all program reviews, annual assessments, departmental reports and other assessments to prioritize items for budget consideration and/or to modify the Strategic Plan.

The "Summary Sheets" and "Documentation" resources for the PBC review for AY 2013-14 are linked below. Click on the link to go to a separate page for each unit, department or program.

Unit, Department or Program

Academic Affairs

Administrative Affairs

Career and Community Education

Chancellor Office

Student Services



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