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Rainbird request for submissions on the theme of Love

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31st, 2010 - Ho‘opū ‘iwa: A Journey into the Creepy, Freaky, and Frightening Realms of Hawai‘i

30th, 2009 - Windward Style

29th, 2008 - The Accidental Issue: Sometimes Things Fall Into Place

28th, 2007 - Wild!

27th, 2006 - Omens, Visions and other Signals from the Parallel Universe

26th, 2005 - Milestones, Landmarks, and Rites of Passage

2004 - Jubilee Special Edition: from Windward Onward

25th, 2004 - Umbrellas and Other Cover-ups

24th, 2003 - Bread and Beyond

23rd, 2002 - Vessel

22nd, 2001 - Galaxies and Other Spaces

21st, 2000

20th, 1999 - From Postcards to E-Mail: A Century of Messages

19th, 1998 - Traditions: A Tapestry of Time

18th, 1997 - Ocean Origins

17th, 1996 - Intersections: Catalysts, Choices, Changes

16th, 1995 - Celebrating the Spirit of Many Generations

15th, 1994 - Webs

14th, 1993 - Passages

13th, 1992 - Fantasy, Fables and Fun

12th, 1991 - Peoples, Countries, and Cultures: A Celebration of Diversity

11th, 1990 - The Windward 'Āina: Dreaming, Building, Caring

10th, 1989 - A Decade and Beyond

9th, 1988 - Rainbird

8th, 1987 - Rainbird

7th, 1986 - Rainbird

6th, 1985 - Rainbird

5th, 1984 - Rainbird

4th, 1983 - Rainbird

3rd, 1982 - Rainbird

2nd, 1981 - Rainbird

1st, 1980 - Rainbird

Rain Bird is the annual literary and art journal of Windward Community College. Its purposes are:

  • to celebrate and to share good writings and art created by people associated with Windward Community College;
  • to inspire Windward writers and artists to further creativity
  • to produce a journal of keepsake quality that th college and the contributors can be proud of
  • to develop publication skills and experience in the students who produce it

The journal is produced by a student staff and printed using student fees allocated by the Board of Student Publications. Entries of writing and art are welcome from current Windward Community College students, faculty, and staff, and regular attendees of Writing Retreats.

The journal, named after the Golden Plover, or Kolea in Hawaiian, began in 1980.

Golden Plover Awards are given annually by the Windward Arts Council for excellent writing by a student and by a community (Writing Retreat) writer as published in the current issue of the Rain Bird. The Kolekolea Award is given for excellent writing that illustrates the theme of each issue.

Copies of the current issue are available from the Rain Bird Publication Room, located in Hale ‘Akoakoa, Room 236.

Donations are welcome.

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Faculty Advisor: Robert Barclay




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