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Play in Clay List of Required Tools


Before you can start working in the Ceramics Studio, you must have all 16 items on this list. Please have all your tools by the second week of class.

Clay, tools and textbook may be purchased at the WCC Bookstore (phone: 235-7418).  The Utility Pail (pottery tool set) will give you items #2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Use white or brown stoneware, Cone 10 and choose the softest bag of clay you can find.  Label all your tools with indelible ink marker.

Tool List

1.   25 lb. bag (Pug) of Brown Stoneware, (Nash Red) or White Stoneware, (Nash White) Cone 10.  
2.   1 water bucket – one-gallon size, and a clean up sponge
3.   1 Elephant ear sponge - large or a natural sea sponge
4.   1 metal flexible rib or rubber rib or wooden rib
5.   1 needle tool and a cutting wire
6.   1 wooden tool
7.   2 trimming tools - R-2 and a loop tool
8.   1 fettling knife
9.   2 Sumi brushes – medium size
10. 1 ruler – clear plastic (medium thickness)
11. Bull’s eye level or Disc level
12. 1 serrated rib, and or a metal fork from home
13. 1 box of plastic trash bags, 13-gallon size (kitchen size), from home
14. 1 spray bottle for water and 1 spray bottle for vinegar, from home
15. 1 kitchen knife, from home
16. Small old towel (must be by your work area at all times)
17. Tackle box for holding your tools
18. Old shirts or apron or change of clothes (you are going to get dirty)
19. Pad lock.  A locker will be checked out to you.

Suggested textbook: Hands in Clay, Charlotte Speight and John Toki, McGraw Hill, Fifth Edition. (Optional)