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Search for more books and videos in the library using the Voyager Catalog.

Try finding other books on ceramics by doing a keyword search for "ceramics", limiting the search to the Windward CC collection. You can also search for "pottery" or a particular technique, like "raku".

Try browsing the NK4200 to NK4210 section for works of art and the TP800s for works on how to produce ceramics.


The Complete Guide to Sculpture, Modeling and Ceramics : Techniques and Materials by Barry Midgley, editor (NB1170 .C63)
Annotation: Hand Building

Sculptural Ceramics by Ian Gregory by Ian Gregory (On Reserve: TT920 .G74 1992)
Annotation: Hand Building

Hand-formed Ceramics : Creating Form and Surface by Richard Zakin (TT920 .Z35 1995)
Annotation: Hand Building

Handmade culture : raku potters, patrons, and tea practitioners in Japan by Morgan Pitelka (NK4340.R3 P57 2005)
Annotation: Japanese Ceramics

Karatsu by Tarouemon Nakazato (on reserve: NK4168.S24 N3613 1983)
Annotation: Japanese Ceramics

How to Look at Japanese Art by Stephen Addiss by Stephen Addiss (N7350 .A375 1996)
Annotation: Japanese Ceramics

Yakimono : 4000 years of Japanese Ceramics (NK4167 .Y32 2005)
Annotation: Japanese Ceramics

Ceramics : Mastering the Craft by Richard Zakin (TP807 .Z338 2001)

Ceramics : a Potter's Handbook by Glenn Nelson (TP807 .N363 2002)

500 Teapots : Contemporary Explorations of a Timeless Design by Suzanne Tourtillott, editor (NK4695.T43 A14 2002)

500 Figures in Clay : Ceramic Artists Celebrate the Human Form by Veronika Gunter, editor (NB1930 .A15 2004)

500 Cups : Ceramic Explorations of Utility & Grace by Suzanne Tourtillott, editor (NK4695.C8 A145 2004)


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Ceramic Fabrication Technology by Roy W. Rice


The American Ceramic Society

Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology's PotWeb (organized historically with some good pictures)

Mingeikan Folk Crafts Museum in Japan

Audio-Visual Resources

Raku Hawaiian Style (VHS: Hawaiian Collection, TT920 .R34 2000, Library Use Only)

Raku Ceramics (VHS: TT920 .R35 1990)

Raku Ceramics (VHS: TT920 .R35 1990)

How to Create Your Own Ceramic Pottery (VHS: NK4225 .H67 1987)

East-West Ceramics Collaboration (VHS: Hawaiian Collection, NK4025.H3 E27 1996, Library Use Only)





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