at the WCC Ho'olaule'a
September 24, 2005
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.


During the Ho'olaule'a, the first WCC Geocaching is offered. Geocaching is a kind of hide and seek game using a GPS unit. We will hide caches and you will find them. In a cache, you will find some prizes, too!

Prizes include commemoratives, books, coupons, etc. The name of a cache should imply the kind of prize you may find in it.

Bring your GPS unit (or a cell phone with GPS capability) to the Ho'olaule'a, and participate in the first WCC Geocaching. Let’s have fun!

There will be two caches on the WCC campus:

Cache 1: The Yellow Bucket of Book Worms

N 21° 24’ 31” (N 21° 24.521’)
W 157° 48’ 53” (W 157° 48.887’)

Cache 2: The Trophy Red Top

N 21° 24’ 25” (N 21° 24.415’)
W 157° 48’ 42” (W 157° 48.695’)

More information on Geocaching is available at:

Prizes donated by the WCC Bookstore

For further information, please contact WCC Geocaching Committee by sending an e-mail to Toshi Ikagawa at