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This suggestion box is intended to allow students and staff to submit suggestions directly to the Committee.

Faculty members can also continue to submit input and suggestions through their department representatives.

The suggestion will be anonymous. If you want a response, please make sure to include your name and contact information.

Chair: Jan Lubin


Ad Hoc Committees, 2010-2011

IEC Subcommittee on Professional Development in Assessment (SPDA)

General Education Summer Task Force

Bryce Myers, Lecturer
Nalani Kaun, APT
Tara Severns, Academic Support
Frank Palacat, Social Sciences
Kalawaia Moore, Hawaiian Studies
Jean Shibuya, Language Arts
Ellen Ishida-Babineau, Interim Dean, Division I, co-chair
Clayton Akatsuka, Math/Business
Ardis Eschenberg, Interim Vice Chancellor of Student Services, co-chair
Malia Lau-Kong, Humanities
Ross Langston, Natural Sciences
Jan Lubin, Office of Planning and Program Evaluation

SLO Subcommittee

Malia Lau-Kong (convener)
Clayton Akatsuka
Jean Shibuya

Non-Instructional Assessment Ad Hoc Committee (NIUA)

Mariko Kershaw (convener/recorder)
Ellen IB (guest)
Ann Lemke
Nalani Kaun
Paul Nash
Letty Colmenares

download Noninstructional Unit Assessment Report Form (Word doc)

Governance Assessment Subommittee

Renee Arakaki
Falisha Herbic
Norm Graffam
Woody Garrison
Lara Kong
Kate Zane.

Assessment Handbook Subcommittee

Kay Beach
Peggy Regentine
Jan Lubin

Rubric Subcommittees

Tara Severns
Pam DaGrossa
Jean Shibuya/Desi Poteet
Jan Lubin

Information Literacy
Tara Severns
Paul Nash
Ron Loo
Peggy Regentine
Jan Lubin

Critical Thinking and Creativity
Frank Palacat
Johnny Singh
Jamie Boyd
Letty Colemenaries
Bryce Myers
Audrey Mendoza
Sojin Ko
Norm Graffem
Jan Lubin

Global and Cultural Awareness
Pam DaGrossa
Annette Priesman
Ryan Ko
Inge White
Jan Lubin



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