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Foundations Board - Procedures for Applying for Foundations Designation


1. Go to the website: for general information, the course designation proposal form, the hallmarks and explanatory notes, and the course designation process instructions.  Contact the Foundations Board chairperson if you have any questions.

2. Carefully review the Hallmarks and the explanatory notes for the Foundations
category of interest as your proposal will need to demonstrate clearly how the course meets each Hallmark.

3. Complete the course designation proposal form.

4. The generic course syllabus must include a listing of the appropriate hallmarks.

5. It will be helpful to your department if the appropriate hallmarks are connected to course SLOs so that they can be assessed simultaneously.

6. The department proposing a new foundations course must discuss the impact of having this new foundations course with the department(s) that offer courses that already satisfy that same foundations designation.  This discussion must occur among the department chairs involved prior to submitting the proposal.  Part of this discussion must include a plan for consultation on the offering of courses with the same foundations designation.  The department chairs involved sign the proposal after having this discussion and submit the consultation plan with the proposal.

7. Submit the proposal to the chair of the Foundations Board.  Send the signature page as a hard copy and send the rest of the proposal in electronic form.

8. New courses must first be approved by CCAAC and Faculty Senate before the Foundations Board will review the proposal for Foundations Designation.  Modifications made to an existing course description for the purpose of better meeting the Foundations hallmarks must first be approved by CCAAC and Faculty Senate before the Foundations Board will review the proposal for Foundations Designation.

9. If the Foundations Board approves the Foundations designation for the course, an email will be sent to the College faculty/staff. 

10. If the Foundations Board finds that the proposal for Foundations designation doesn’t fully meet the hallmarks, the chairperson of the Foundations Board will contact the department chairperson and the lead instructor for the proposal to indicate the areas of weakness.  The department may choose to revise the proposal and resubmit it or may decide not to continue to pursue the Foundations designation for the course.   The department needs to inform the chair of the Foundations Board whether they will revise the proposal or withdraw it.

(Last Reviewed 12/2009)



page last updated: April 28, 2014

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