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Committee and Council Directives

For other directives, consult the web page for the specific committee.

Accreditation Steering

Charge: Oversight of accreditation self study process
Line of Authority: Direct to Chancellor
Leadership: the Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO), appointed by the Chancellor, will convene the committee. A chair other than the ALO may be selected by the committee.
Membership: Representative across the college, including students and community members. All full time staff are expected to be on a sub-committee. The ALO, the chairs of the accreditation subcommittees, and the editor of the self study document make up the steering committee.
Decision nature: Development of the accreditation self study
Decision-making:  By consensus
Documentation: Minutes, and edits to the self study
Termination date: After the accreditation visit.

Student Conduct

Charge:  To act as a hearing board for student conduct allegations as determined by policy
Line of Authority:  Vice Chancellor of Student Services, then Chancellor
Leadership: Chair appointed by Chancellor
Membership:  Defined by policy
Decision nature:  Recommending
Decision-making protocol:  Silent ballot
Documentation:  Notes and tapes
Termination date: Appointed for term of investigation

Student Academic Grievance

Charge:  To act as a hearing committee for academic grievances as determined by Academic Grievance policy
Line of Authority:  Vice Chancellor of Academics, then Chancellor
Leadership: Vice Chancellor of Academics appoints
Membership:  Determined by policy
Decision nature:  Recommending
Decision-making protocol:  Secret ballot
Documentation:  Thorough notes and tape recording
Termination date: Appointed for term of investigation.

Screening and Hiring

Charge: To follow guidelines and campus procedures for hiring of faculty for the selected advisory personnel screening committees for WCC.
Line of Authority: Committee reports to administrator responsible for the position that is being recruited. Consultation is provided by Director of Human Resources/EEO Coordinator.
Leadership: A chair is appointed by the relevant administrator
Membership: EEO/AA balanced, Selected by relevant administrator on consultation with Human Resources
Decision nature: Recommendation to administrator
Decision-making protocol: Pre- agreed upon point system for evaluating position candidates
Documentation: All screening documents go to Human Resources.
Termination: When screening is complete.

Konohiki Council  (WCKC): Associated Students of the University of Hawaii—Windward Community College

Charge:  “to assist individuals within the community served by the College to come to greater awareness of themselves, the environment in which they live and their relationships with this environment” and “to assist in developing skills and abilities necessary for them to cope with their environment and assume a role as contributors to this environment.”
Line of Authority:  Vice Chancellor of Student Services
Leadership: Executive member of WCKC
Membership:  all registered students at WCC
Decision nature:  decision-making internal to WCKC.
Decision-making protocol:  see Constitution and By-laws on file in Vice Chancellor of Student Services’ office
Documentation:  minutes on file in Vice Chancellor of Student Services’ office
Termination date: ongoing



page last updated: April 28, 2014

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