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PHIL 101 - Intro to Phil Morals & Societ
by Ronald Loo
10:30am to 12:30pm MTWR (CRN: 63022)

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Course Alpha - Title (and Credits)InstructorTimesDaysRoomDatesCRN

Classes starting May 16

ICS 105G - Microsoft PowerPoint (1)Troeger10:45am to 12:15pmMTWRFHale No‘eau 1235/16-5/2763030
MATH 25 - Elementary Algebra II (3)Akatsuka8:15am to 10:15amMTRFHale Mana‘opono 1155/16-6/2463025

Classes starting May 23

ENG 100 - Expository Writing (3)Helfand10:30am to 12:30pmMTWRHale Pālanakila 1025/23-7/0163005
HIST 151 - World Civilization I (3)Hagstrom8:15am to 10:15amMTWRHale Pālanakila 2145/23-7/0163002
MATH 24 - Elementary Algebra I (3)Uluave8:15am to 10:15amMTRFHale Mana‘opono 1145/23-7/0163003
MICR 130 - General Microbiology (3)Nayyar8:15am to 10:15amMTWRHale ‘Imiloa 1235/23-7/0163004
PHIL 110 - Intro to Logic (3)Loo10:30am to 12:30pmMTWRHale Pālanakila 2135/23-7/0163008
PSY 100 - Survey of Psychology (3)Coberly10:30am to 12:30pmMTWRHale Pālanakila 2275/23-7/0163009

Classes starting May 31

ICS 105C - File Mgmnt & Word Proc Skills (1)Troeger1:00pm to 2:30pmMTWRFHale No‘eau 1235/31-6/1463028
ICS 105E - Information Literacy (1)Regentine10:45am to 12:15pmMTWRFHale No‘eau 1235/31-6/1463029

Classes starting June 13

ART 220 - The Windward Atelier (6)Hodges9:00am to 4:30pmMTWRFHale Pālanakila 2046/13-7/2263014
MATH 103 - College Algebra (4)Okumura8:30am to 10:15amMTRFHale Mana‘opono 1136/13-8/0563015
MATH 115 - Statistics (3)Okumura10:30am to 11:45amMTRFHale Mana‘opono 1136/13-8/0563016

Classes starting June 20

BIOL 124 - Environment & Ecology (3)Krupp8:30am to 12:00pmMTWRFHale ‘Imiloa 1176/20-7/2963032
BIOL 124L - Environment & Ecology Lab (1)Krupp1:00pm to 4:30pmMTWRFHale ‘Imiloa 1176/20-7/2963033
LSK 110 - College Study Skills (3)Ishida-Babineau8:30am to 9:45amMTWRFHale Manaleo 1036/20-7/2963026
PSY 100 - Survey of Psychology (3)Palacat12:55pm to 2:55pmMTRFHale Mana‘opono 1016/20-7/2963031

Classes starting July 5

BIOL 100 - Human Biology (3)Nayyar8:15am to 10:15amMTWRHale ‘Imiloa 1237/05-8/1263010
BIOL 100L - Human Biology Lab (1)Nayyar10:30am to 12:30pmMTWRHale ‘Imiloa 1037/05-8/1263019
ENG 250 - WI-Maj Wks Amer Lit (3)Helfand8:15am to 10:15amMTWRHale Pālanakila 1027/05-8/1263012
HIST 152 - World Civilization II (3)Nuckols10:30am to 12:30pmMTWRHale Pālanakila 2127/05-8/1263021
JPNS 50 - Basic Spoken Japanese (3)Hanna8:30am to 9:45amMTWRFHale Pālanakila 1227/05-8/1263027
PHIL 101 - Intro to Phil Morals & Societ (3)Loo10:30am to 12:30pmMTWRHale Pālanakila 2137/05-8/1263022
POLS 130 - Intro to American Government (3)Fujimoto8:15am to 10:15amMTWRHale Pālanakila 2277/05-8/1263013
PSY 240 - Developmental Psychology (3)Palacat10:30am to 12:30pmMTWRHale Mana‘opono 1017/05-8/1263023
SP 151 - Personal & Public Speech (3)Stehlik10:30am to 2:00pmMTWRHale Pālanakila 1027/05-8/63024

Information for older semesters is based on static information from the UH System. The information for the current semester may not be up-to-date ... please consult the Class Availability page directly by clicking on the CRN for the specific course.

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