Certified Nurse's Aide (CNA) Program

Course Expectations

There are three key expectations related to participation and performance to be met in order to successfully complete this course:


Classroom Instruction:

This course is required by law to provide 70 hours of classroom instruction.  Our aggressive class schedule does not allow for absences, therefore, attendance each and every day of the course is critical.  Please contact the instructor as far in advance as possible of any absences.  

Options to complete the course will be at the discretion of the program coordinator.

Clinical Instruction:

This course is required by law to provide 30 hours of clinical instruction.  The two weeks of training at the clinical session are extremely intense and any absences or late arrivals will guarantee the inability to complete the course successfully.  There will be no "make-up" allowed during clinical.  Students will either be dismissed from class or will need to take an incomplete for the course.

Professional Conduct

This training course is designed to help students acquire the technical skills required to be competent health-care professionals.  Below are expectations of professional conduct.

  • Timeliness to all class and clinical sessions.
  • Attendance for all required class and clinical sessions.
  • Open communication with the instructor for any possible absences, late arrivals, or other issues that would affect student participation.
  • Participation in all class discussions and practice sessions.
  • Care for all borrowed equipment.
  • Return of all borrowed equipment at the end of the course.
  • Respect for other students and their learning.
  • All other rules of conduct as specified by Windward Community College.

Page Last Modified: March 13, 2018