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Student Engagement (CCSSE)


Community College Survey of Student Engagement, CCSSE, is a national survey designed to measure student engagement in colleges throughout the country.

A random sample of classes is chosen by the organization and the survey is administered during class time. The survey takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete. The faculty should not administer the survey to their own class. Instead, survey administrators will be assigned to give the survey to the students.

In 2012, Windward CC will also be participating in the Faculty survey.

Campus contact: Brian Richardson

Timeline for 2012 Survey

  • November 1, 2011- Deadline to register with CCSSE for the college to participate in the survey
  • end of January - class list sent to CCSSE to select random list of classes
  • March - surveys are administered to selected classes - view class list
  • middle of May, 2012- surveys are due back at CCSSE

Results for Student Survey

Year Active and Collaborative Learning Student Effort Academic Challenge Student-Faculty Interaction Support for Learners
key findings (PDF)
56.8 50.4 56.7 55.7 56.5

key findings (PDF)

56.2 47.5 55.1 53.3 57.5
51.5 48.1 52.0 51.9 54.4

Results for Faculty Survey



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