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Certificate of Completion in Sustainable Agriculture


The Certificate of Completion in Sustainable Agriculture is a competency-based program designed for people interested in working in aquaponics-related fields, with a special emphasis on sustainable practices and traditional Hawaiian practices.

Typical Schedule

Fall Semester (9 credits) Spring Semester (8 credits)

AG 120 (3 credits) - Plant Science

IS 201 (3 credits) - The Ahupua'a

BUS 122B (3 credits) - Introduction to Entrepreneurship - Sustainable Agriculture

AG 170 (4 credits) - Introduction to Aquaponics

AG 171 (3 credits) - Farm Renewable Energy Systems

AG 192 (1 credit) - Special Topics in Agriculture

Other Courses of Interest


Program Code: AGSU

CIP Code: 010308 - Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture.



page last updated: April 28, 2014

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