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Office of Academic Affairs - Timeline


Note: For the purposes of this timeline

1 = The first week of duty for Spring semester

2 = spring classes begin

33 = first week of duty in the Fall semester

34 = Fall classes begin

January Catalog Review Letter
January Spring Final Lecturer/ OL Costs
January Prepare/Distribute Spring Start-of-School Memo
January Spring Faculty Lists
January Update Reassigned/Released Time List
January First Spring DC Meeting Reminder Memo w/DC Mtg
January Schedule for Spring
January Lecturer Phone Set-Up (Voicemail/Instructions)
January Set Class Scheduling Timeline for this year
week 1 New Faculty Orientation
week 1 Sabbatical Applications Due (for the following Fall semester)
First workday following December 31st
week 1 Sabbatical Applications Due (for the following Spring semester)
July 1
week 2 Chancellor's Contact Renewal review due
Due January 15th
Upon completion, Original + 2 copies original--HR, Copy--Dossier, Copy--File & return Dossier to applicant
February DC Evaluations by Faculty
February DC Election letter (Chancellor)
February Fall Lecturer Ad
February Catalog Review Reminder Memo
February Purge Lecturer Files
February Great Teacher’s Notice via e-mail
February SOC Info Sections to Depts. for review
February Create Exam Schedule for next Academic Year
February Send out assigned time for next fall announcement
March Fall Preliminary Lecturer/OL Costs
March Lecturer Assessment Reminder Letter
March Catalog Review/Editing
New courses to Bonnie by 5/15
March Great Teacher’s Paperwork
March Faculty Senate Elections
(Faculty Senate done every Spring) (FS Elections before DC elections
March DC Elections (Chancellor)
March Book orders
March Final DC Meeting Reminder Memo w/ request for Accomplishments & Goals
April Lecturer Assessments
Due April 1
April “I” Grade Memo to Faculty
April Spring Final Exam Memo to Faculty
April Summer Office Assignments/Key Requests
April Summer Professional Obligation Letters
April Summer Casual/OL Forms
April WAC Institute Payment Forms
April Lecturer Placement Updates
April Teaching Assignment Report to Dole St. Office
week 14 Purchase Orders
Due by April 15
May Assigned Time Completion memo to Faculty for current academic year
May Fall Professional Obligation Letters
May Fall Request to Hire Memos
May Fall Letters of Exception
week 19 Purchase orders due to Business Office
Due by May 15th
week 19 DC/DPC Lecturer Assessments
Due by May 15th
June Fall Orientation Packet
June VC & Deans Lecturer Assessment
Due June 30
return original to dossier to lecturer; keep file copy
July Fall Office Assignments/Key Requests
July Fall Credit/Non Credit Offerings List to OCET
August New Faculty Orientation Handbook Update/Packets
August Prepare/Distribute Fall Start-of-School Memo
August Fall Final Lecturer/OL Costs
August Fall Faculty Lists
August Set up Contract Renewal Data
August First Fall DC Meeting Reminder Memo w/DC Mtg. Schedule for AY
August Fall Faculty Workload Reduction (15/12)
August Lecturer Phone Set-Up (Voicemail/ Instructions)
August Survey of Summer students
week 33 New Faculty Orientation
September Contract Renewal Forms
Distributed by September 5
September DPC Elections
September Spring Lecturer Ad
September Book orders
September Send Spring SOC data to Publications
September Upload Spring DL data to system DL website.
October Lecturer Placement Updates
October Spring Preliminary Lecturer/OL Costs
October 5th Year Reviews Due
October send request for Sabbatical Applications
week 40 Contract Renewal Forms Due
Due October 15
November DPCs Contract Renewal Reviews Due 11/15
November DCs Contract Renewal Reviews Due 11/30
November Fall Final Exam Memo to Faculty
November Spring Credit/Non Credit Offerings List to OCET
November APT Evaluations
December Dean Contract Renewal Reviews Due
Due December 20
December Spring Professional Obligation Letters
December Spring Request to Hire Memos
December Spring Letters of Exception
December Spring Office Assignments/Key Requests
December “I” Grade Memo to Faculty
December DC Meeting Room Reservations Request Form to OCET for next AY
December Spring Faculty Workload Reduction (15/12)
December Fall SOC data to Publications
December Summer SOC data to Publications
December Upload Fall DL data to system DL website.
December Upload Summer DL data to system DL website.






page last updated: April 28, 2014

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