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LIsting of SOC Change Requests

Approved - (ID: 4134) Spring 2015 • requested on 2014-10-29 by: jokumura

Request: Type: change Requestor: jokumura Instructor: J Storm Class: MATH 231 Start Time: 08:30:00 End Time: 09:45:00 Days: MW Building: MANAO Room: 115 Other Changes: Please add the note: A TI-83, TI-83+, or TI-84+ calculator is required for this class. Notes: Reasons: (CRN: 63337)
original: Alpha: MATH 231 Title: Calculus III Credits: 3 () Instructor: J Storm Classroom: MANAO 115 Time and Days: 08:30:00 to 09:45:00 (MW) Class_Notes: Pre-Requisite: Grade of "C" or better in MATH 206 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

Approved - (ID: 4133) Spring 2015 • requested on 2014-10-29 by: vanessa

Request: delete (CRN: 63169)
original: Alpha: ICS 50 Title: Basic Computer Skills Instructor: M Barjaktarovic Classroom: PALANA 124 Time and Days: 08:30:00 to 09:45:00 (MW) Class_Notes: Note: This course is recommended for students with very little or no computer skills; therefore, the class moves at a slower pace and includes repetitive exercises. Active class participation and cooperation are required. Familiarity with touch typing would benefit students (contact instructor now for free, online typing programs).

Approved - (ID: 4085) Spring 2015 • requested on 2014-10-13 by: rbarclay

Request: Type: change Requestor: rbarclay Instructor: J Webster Class: ENG 199V Start Time: 11:30:00 End Time: 12:45:00 Days: W Building: MLEO Room: 112 Other Changes: Course alpha needs to be changed from 199V to 197, but this is not in the drop down options. This course is part of the ENG 100 course that meets at the same time/same place on MW Notes: Reasons:
original: Alpha: ENG 199V Title: Credits: () Instructor: J Webster Classroom: MLEO 112 Time and Days: 11:30:00 to 12:45:00 (W) Class_Notes: This is a Pilot ALP course, ENG 100/197. Needs computer room. Also meets on Tue. and Thur, as listed below

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