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LIsting of SOC Change Requests

New - (ID: 4068) Fall 2014 • requested on 2014-08-28 by: pbriggs

Request: Type: change Requestor: pbriggs Instructor: B Carlson Class: PSY 100 Start Time: 16:00:00 End Time: 17:15:00 Days: TR Building: NAAUAO ---> CHANGE TO: NAAUAO Room: 125 ---> CHANGE TO: 105 Other Changes: Notes: Reasons: Efficiency of Smartboard use for the Naauao 105 classroom. Dr. Carlson will use the Smartboard for just one Naauao classroom. (CRN: 62188)
original: Alpha: PSY 100 Title: Survey of Psychology Credits: 3 () Instructor: B Carlson Classroom: NAAUAO 125 Time and Days: 16:00:00 to 17:15:00 (TR) Class_Notes:

New - (ID: 4067) Fall 2014 • requested on 2014-08-28 by: kaalac

Request: Type: change Requestor: kaalac Instructor: C Carmack Class: MUS 177 Start Time: 11:30:00 End Time: 12:45:00 Days: TR Building: AO ---> CHANGE TO: AO Room: 102 ---> CHANGE TO: 101 Other Changes: Notes: Reasons: (CRN: 62261)
original: Alpha: MUS 177 Title: Intro to Hawn Music Credits: 3 () Instructor: C Carmack Classroom: AO 102 Time and Days: 11:30:00 to 12:45:00 (TR) Class_Notes:

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